How to Purchase?

To get our highest guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) rates and purchase your GIC, you will need a personal cheque from a Canadian Financial Institution, a Canadian Social Insurance Number and two pieces of Canadian Government issued identification*. To find a GIC direct Associate Office, go to our Rates and Locations tab and search by your City and Province to book an appointment or call Head Office at 877-551-7283 or 250-592-7707 to find an office near you.
*Acceptable Identification includes:
Primary (2 primary ID preferred)

Drivers License
Current Canadian Passport
Canadian Citizenship Card
Certificate of Naturalization
Old Age Security Card

Secondary (1 primary and 1 secondary)

Permanent Resident Card
Birth Certificate issued in Canada
Old Age Security Card
Certificate of Indian Status
Provincial Health Card (MB, ON, PE, NWT cards not accepted)