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Shopping for the highest GIC rate can be time consuming and difficult. If you are looking for the best GIC rates online, you may find some high GIC rates, but then may not be able to actually buy the GIC if you are out of province or not comfortable buying online. Using a deposit broker for your GIC purchases will ensure you always have access to the best GIC rates in Canada and a simple, safe and secure process to buy those GIC’s.

GICdirect finds the best GIC rates in Canada from its extensive network of financial institutions that consistently offer some of the highest GIC rates in Canada. The GIC rates we offer are typically 1% to 1.50% higher than your local retail bank. Our GIC’s are all covered by deposit insurance either federally or provincially, so your money is completely safe and secure. Whether you are in Victoria or Halifax or somewhere in between, GICdirect has a location near you that will provide you with the best GIC rates and an office location for you to make your purchase.

Another major benefit in using GICdirect to purchase your GIC’s is you will have access to many financial institution’s GIC rates from other parts of Canada that you would not normally be able to purchase. GICdirect will manage all your maturing GIC’s and let you know in advance when they are coming due so you will never miss a GIC maturity. Most major banks require that you contact them with instructions prior to a GIC maturing, otherwise the bank will just renew your GIC for the same term and not at the highest rate! That will never happen to you as a client of GICdirect. You will always be able to get the highest GIC rate when your GIC comes up for renewal.

GICdirect thru Monarch Wealth GIC Services Inc., offers an online platform to access your statement for all your GICs from every financial institution we deal with, in an easy to read, concise format. These statements show the amount purchased, the GIC rate, the term, the start and end dates, and the GIC maturity amount.

About GICdirect

GICdirect Financial Services Ltd. was founded in 1999 to provide higher guaranteed investment rates (deposit insurance from $100,000 to 100% guaranteed), through an easy format for a wide range of conservative investment needs. GICdirect finds the highest available Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) rates and provides you a simple, safe and secure process for getting the best rate with flexibility and deposit insurance coverage. Clients choose GICdirect as their GIC Broker because of our great GIC rates and our NO FEE services:

  • Deposit Insurance from $100,000 (CDIC) to 100% guaranteed (provincial CUDGC)
  • Average GIC rates are 1.00% to 1.50% higher than your retail bank!
  • Rates from our extensive network of financial institutions!
  • Personal service with over 150 Associate Offices across Canada!
  • We are members of the RDBA and the BBB

By using our services, clients are able to implement a comprehensive cash management program that focuses on safety, convenience and a high rate of return for their guaranteed investments.

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Did You Know?

You do not need to apply for CDIC deposit insurance, or fill in any forms for coverage. Nor do you have to pay for CDIC deposit insurance. CDIC is fully funded through premeiums paid by our member institution.

Deposit Insurance

All Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are insured by Federal, Provincial or Corporate insurance coverage depending on the institution. Chartered Banks and Trust Companies are federally insured and Credit Unions are provincially or corporately insured. Deposit insurance is automatic and does not require special application regardless of where the depositor resides. Federal Insurance Coverage is provided by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). The CDIC was created in 1967 by Parliament to keep Canada's financial system strong and to protect deposits made with member financial institutions. The financial institutions deals with are all member institutions and a list of these member institutions can be found at along with other detailed information about insurance coverage. Insurance Coverage for Credit Unions (by Province) based on the Credit Unions that offers GICs through.